Science Fiction

My first SF novel was published in 1995. I wrote it when I was 26 and it garnered award nominations and praise from Ian McDonald and David Brin. My most recent SF novel will be published in 2016 and reflects 20 years of growth.

When people ask me which of my books I think they should read, I tell them that I reckon Maul is the best thing I have in print. Lightborn is arguably more mature. Dreaming in Smoke is not my best work, but I’m honoured that it won the Clarke. Occupy Me will be out in 2016. In every way I can gauge, it outstrips anything else I’ve written.

Here they are chronologically:

Lethe (1995)

Someone to Watch Over Me (1997)

Dreaming in Smoke (1998)

Maul (2003)

Double Vision (2005)

Sound Mind (2007)

Lightborn (2010)

Occupy Me (forthcoming in 2016 from Gollancz)

There is a five-year gap between Dreaming in Smoke and Maul because I was writing fantasy under a pseudonym.

There is a big gap after Lightborn due to abysmal sales numbers. So I raised my game. A lot.