Someone to Watch Over Me

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When Sabina picks up Adrien battered and bleeding outside Zagreb station, she knows only that she is drawn to this stranger and to the sense of danger he represents. She has no idea that she is also touching the Watcher, a mysterious figure who can inhabit Adrien’s body using a brain implant.

What might have been a love affair is about to turn deadly for as Sabina is drawn into Adrien’s world, she will become the object of the Watcher’s desire in a battle over a metamorphic new technology known as I.

‘Painfully  gripping throughout — read it if you dare’ The Times

‘A challenging, disturbing, often compulsive read. Sullivan’s sharp inventiveness points to a bright future’  Time Out

‘Tricia Sullivan’s new novel pulls no punches and takes no prisoners — taut, powerful, unforgettable’ Pat Cadigan


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