Double Vision

Double Vision

Combining William Gibson’s mistrust of consumerism with Philip K. Dick’s ability to twist reality through ninety degrees, DOUBLE VISION is the stunning new novel from the Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning author of MAUL.

When shy, psychic bookworm ‘Cookie’ Orbach watches television, she sees things. But not the things that you or I would see. Cookie sees The Grid – a strange, shifting landscape where human forces battle against an enemy they dare not kill. Her employer, the mysterious Dataplex Corporation, pays her well to watch this war, and asks only that she report her observations but take no direct action, which suits her passive demeanour just fine.

But Cookie’s quiet life is about to be shattered. Her two very different worlds are threatening to merge in a way that shouldn’t really be possible. Everything is about to change. And we do mean everything …

Infinity Plus reviews says ‘Recommended, but be prepared for a bumpy ride’ TRUE

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You can buy the e-book through SF Gateway